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Gravity Rush is one of my favourite games, and it’s gorgeous to look at. I’ve finished everything there is to do, but I still occasionally go back just to fly around a bit and explore the scenery. I made these panoramas from in-game screenshots using Hugin photo stitcher.

AuldnoirPanoramaMercatorThumbAuldnoir AuldnoirStationPanoramaThumbAuldnoir Station
EndestriaVertigoThumbEndestria – taken standing on the side of a building PleajeunePanoramaThumbPleajeune
PleajeunePanorama2ThumbPleajeune again VendecentrePanorama2ThumbVendecentre
VendecentrePanorama3ThumbVendecentre again VendecentrePanoramaThumbVendecentre from below

Extra panorama from the Gravity Rush 2 teaser trailer!

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