I got a little stuck on a project this weekend, so for a change of pace I decided to remake an old puzzle game experiment and polish it up a bit.

Play Skiagraph
Drag the small bars at the bottom to try and make the two graphs match up.
For more (or less) of a challenge, you can change the number of blocks using the boxes along the top. One or two blocks is obviously trivial, but it can get very challenging from six upwards.

A six block puzzle.

The patterns the blocks make reminded me of paper chromatography experiments we did back at school, and my brother suggested they were a bit like X-rays, which apparently were once called “skiagraphs“. “Skia” comes from the Ancient Greek for “shadow”, which seemed appropriate, and in any case it sounds a lot better than “Block Puzzle”.

I wanted the interface to look like an LCD screen, so I’ve experimented with adding a couple of slightly unnecessary full screen effects. They eat quite a lot of¬†CPU, so you can turn them off in the context menu if you prefer.

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  1. iLKke says:

    Very smart and elegant.

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